Friday, November 17, 2017

General Tso-Chicken
Southwest Chicken
Pinwheel Sandwich
Vegetable Pizza
Baked Beans & Carrots
Banana & Pineapple


1st Hr.                                   8:15 – 8:46                           31 min.
2nd Hr.                                  8:50 – 9:21                           31 min.
3rd Hr.                                   9:25 – 9:56                           31 min.
A Lunch/4th Hr.                  10:00 – 10:31                       31 min.
4A Hr./B Lunch/5th Hr.       10:35 – 11:06                       31 min.
5 B Hr./C Lunch                   11:10 – 11:41                       31 min.
6th Hr.                                   11:45 – 12:16                       31 min.
7th Hr.                                   12:20 – 12:51                       31 min.
Lunch Hours
3A Lunch                             10:00 – 10:31                       31 min.
4B Lunch                             10:35 – 11:06                       31 min.
5C Lunch                             11:10 – 12:51                       31 min.
Peer Tutoring
Peer tutoring is taking a break and will not begin again until Thursday Nov 30 with our end of the month pizza party study session. To become a tutor see Mr. Bruder.
There will be a junior class meeting in the cafeteria on Tuesday, November 21st.  Meeting will be during Advisory and attendance is optional.

Oh, the thinks you can think, when you think about Seuss!  Attention all singers, actors, dancers, and thinkers!  Audition materials are now available for SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL!  Make sure to pick up the general audition information sheet (orange), plus the required audition music for the specific character you are interested in.  See Mr. Chase if you have questions.
Battle of the Classes:
November 30 Student Services will calculate which class has the best attendance for the month and host an ice cream sundae bar during all three lunches for that class with the highest average on Friday, Dec 1.
Standings will be posted on the Student Services bulletin board and displayed in the cafeteria weekly.
Good luck to all and remember that every day you are here--you are making a positive difference.
Student Council
Just a reminder that Student Council is having a food drive going on now through November 30th.  Food items should be brought to your 1st hour class. Winning class will receive a breakfast party.
Counseling Center

CACC students are to follow the CACC's schedule.  Therefore, they will need to attend class at CACC even though classes get out early here.