Wednesday, December 10, 2014

(A) - Shelbyville HS-bus 4:00 p.m.

Chicken & Noodles
Ranch/Chicken Flatbread
Taco Pizza
Chicken Salad Deli
Ham Chef Salad
Beef Nachos

Student council will be hosting a volleyball tournament this evening at 6:30 pm in the west gym. The cost is $40 per team. You can have 6-8 players on a team but must have at least 2 members of the opposite gender on each team.

Thank you to all staff, faculty, and students for helping with the student council angel tree. Gifts must be returned to the Main Office by the end of the school day today.

Counseling Center
Any junior who took the PSAT exam in October needs to see Ms. Wagoner in Student Services to receive your test results.

All Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors
Think a career in accounting or auditing is something you'd like to consider?  If you want a career that blends analysis, problem solving and detective work, you are encouraged to listen to THS graduate and CPA Iris Noblet and her student intern Lauren Suiter discuss the diverse world of accounting on December 17th during advisory in Room 104.  Students wanting to attend must register in Student Services and get a pass from a counselor.