Tuesday, March 10, 2015

No sporting events.

Country Chicken Bowl
Beefsteak Melt
Hawaiian Ham Pizza
Ham & Cheese Deli
Turkey Chef Salad
Chicken Quesadilla

Congratulations to the following THS Musicians for their performances at IHSA State Solo & Ensemble Contest this past Saturday:

Division 1 Ratings
Mallory Jones - Trumpet Solo - Best of the Day
Alysha Newlin - Flute Solo
Salil Bhole, Jordan Keel, Kelly Overhaug and Jeny Tullis - Sax Quartet
Andrea Curtin and Kelly Overhaug - Sax Duet
Emily Jones - Oboe Solo
Jason Sherbert - Tenor Sax Solo
Jenny Tullis - Alto Sax Solo
Jordan Keel - Tenor Sax Solo
Lexie Hooper - Soprano Solo
Mark Ninmer - Piano Solo & Xylophone Solo
Kelsey Marucco and Andrea Curtin - Sax Duet
Victor Kindermann - Snare Drum Solo
Caelyn Woodruff and Katie True - Clarinet Duet
Kyra Wright and Alysha Newlin - Flute Duet
Division 2 Ratings
Lakota Stewart, Kyra Wright, Kelly Overhaug, Jackie Epperson, Preston Rice, Salil Bhole, Jason Sherbert, Erica MOntes, Jordan Keel, Taylor Ahrendt and Alex Evrely - Percussion Ensemble
Laura Dudley, Preston Rice, Tyler Wilson, Nick DeSart and Mark Ninmer - Percussion Ensemble
Tiffani Graham and Kyra Wright - Clarinet Duet
Kaytlin Jacoby and Tyler WHite - Brass Duet
Xander Jones, Alex Evrely & Kaytlin Jacoby - Trombone Trio
Kaytlin Jacoby - Trombone Solo
Lakota Stewart - French Horn Solo
Tori Spiker and Audra Boehme - Trumpet Duet
Micaela Switzer and Renee Sample - Clarinet Duet
Division 3 Ratings
Alex Younker - Snare Drum Solo
Alaina Mann and Kodi Smith - Woodwind Duet
Alysha Newlin and Jackie Epperson - Flute Duet
Tyler White and Dalee Young - Trumpet Duet
Division 4 Rating
Sean Daly and ALex Evrely - Trombone Duet
Division 5 Ratings
Christian Allen and Eric Harrison - Brass Duet

All students are invited to participate in the following events in celebration of National Foreign Language Week:
Poster Contest – Create a Poster with the theme “Learn a Foreign Language, Gain a New Perspective.” --due to Señora Arcis by Friday, the 13th.
Candy Contest – Correctly guess the number of candies in the jar in room 300 & win the entire jar! --only 25 cents per entry.
Trivia Contest – Give the correct answer to the trivia question in the bulletin each day & get a free guess as to the number of candies in the jar.
Tortilla Toss – Come to room 300 at 7:30am on Thursday, March 12th & see how many times you can flip a tortilla blindfolded!
Karaoke Party – Come to room 300 after school on Friday, March 13th & celebrate!
Each day:
Give Señora Arcis the correct answer to this question today for a free guess at how many candies are in the jar…

Tuesday, March 10, 2015:
What 2 world-famous authors (one of them from Spain) died on the same exact date?

Dodgeball Tournament
Student Council is hosting a dodgeball tournament in the West Gym on Thursday, March 19th at 6:00 p.m.  Entry forms will be in the Main Office.  The cost is $5 per person.  Team size is 8 people, two of opposite gender.  Return completed forms to Luke Sloan or can submit forms the evening of the tournament. 

Counseling Center
SENIORS:  Reminder – please allow 3 days for a scholarship transcript request from the counselors.  Transcript Request Forms are available in the Student Services office from the counselors. DO NOT request transcripts for scholarships on Parchment.com.  We will NOT mail an official transcript to your home address and you will have to pay a fee through Parchment.  Transcripts needed for scholarships should be requested from the counselors and there will be no cost.

Attention Seniors:  The Dr. George Ferry Scholarship application is available online on the counseling link of the high school web page.  This award is for students entering a medical profession.

Attention Seniors:  The Taylorville Education Association Scholarship application is now available online on the counseling link of the high school webpage.

Attention Students:  The following colleges and universities will be here to visit with students.  If interested in attending, please register in Student Services and get a pass from a counselor.

Southeast Missouri State University on Tuesday, March 24 at 9:00 a.m.

Lincoln Land Community College on Tuesday, March 31 at 1:00 p.m.